Winter Crafts for Preschoolers: Easy Glitter Snowflake Window Decorations


Preschoolers can make their own easy glitter snowflake window decorations with this fun preschool craft. The easy glitter snowflake window decoration craft is an appropriate winter craft that can accompany any snow or weather-themed curriculum. Preschoolers can decorate the windows of their classroom with these snowflakes or bring them home. This is also an appropriate winter craft for homeschoolers.

Age Appropriateness

This winter craft is appropriate for preschooler and home schooled children who can safely use a pair of safety scissors. This is not an appropriate craft for young toddlers who cannot yet handle safety scissors.

Tools Needed for the Easy Glitter Snowflake Window Decorations

  • scissors, or safety scissors
  • a cup or coffee mug (empty, please)
  • one pencil

Materials Required for the Winter Craft for Preschoolers

  • sheets of clear laminate
  • craft glitter you can sprinkle
  • plain white or paper
  • yarn


small sequins (not for children under three, or any child prone to putting things in their mouths)

Making the Easy Glitter Snowflake Window Decorations


The adult or educator should pre-cut squares of clear laminate that will be used for this preschooler craft. Regular clear laminate has a paper backing, making it ideal to cut ahead of time when making preschool crafts.

Make the Circle

This preschool craft first involves making a circle, which will be used as a guide to make a whole flurry of snowflakes. The circle can be made with a large cup, an empty coffee mug, or the bottom of any circular object.

Use a pencil to trace the circle shape.

Cut out the circle.

Tip: If you will making more than one winter craft snowflake, use the circle as a guide to cutting out more circles.

Winter Craft: Time for Cutting the Shapes

The next step for making this winter craft for preschoolers is to use the scissors to make the snowflake. The preschoolers first need to fold the circle either in half, or in quarters, whichever is easier for them. Next, they should cut out different shapes and lines.

Open the circle, and look at the snowflake.

Decorate the Winter Craft

Place a plain piece of paper or cloth on the table. The snowflake goes on top of that. Preschoolers can then sprinkle the glitter onto the snowflake. No glue is needed. When they are done, peel the paper backing off of the laminate square and place on the glitter covered snowflake. Once the laminate is secure, flip the snowflake over.

Preschoolers can decorate the other side of the snowflake. Add a small piece of yarn to the top when they are done. Unpeel a second piece of clear laminate and place firmly over the glitter snowflake.

Finish Up the Winter Craft for Preschoolers

The final step in making this preschool winter craft is to have the preschooler cut the edges of the laminate into a circle.

Note: if the laminate is too thick for safety scissors, an adult can help with this part.

This is a fun wintertime craft for preschoolers and home schoolers that can be done more than once.