The 8 Best Silicone Lubes in stock



Silicone lubricants are a type of lubes that are high quality with long endurance. It is a silicone based lube meaning the texture is thicker and more durable, mostly used for normal sex, anal sex, or masturbation with sex toys. While it is true they are condom and sex toys friendly, you would better not use them with silicone sex toys and other silicone based products.

What is a silicone lube?


Silicone lube is one type of lubricants used for sex, the others being water-based and oil lubes. Of those three, silicone one is the highest quality and of longest endurance. It does not contain water, that means it will not dry up or soak up to the skin – less skin irritation. It stays put and serves its purpose for a long time. But that also means it is more pricy. Another big advantage is that silicone lube with condom is a safe combination - which cannot be said about oil-based lubricants. And while it has many advantages, the fact that it is not made of water means that it is very difficult to wash off the sheets.

Lubricant from silicone was originally first produced by the condom companies themselves, because they needed to produce a lubricant more compatible with their condoms, which worked. And if you are asking if is silicone lube safe for all occasions, the answer is yes, with the exception of silicone sex toys, since the lube can dampen their function.


Types and main characteristics


While water and oil based lubricants have many different types and sometimes flavors, with silicone lubes, there is not a lot of wiggle room. But we can distinguish them according to the usage:


  • Normal sex;


  • Anal sex;


  • Male masturbation;


  • Masturbation with toys.

It can be a perfect silicone based vaginal lubricant if woman does not produce enough lubrication on her own. It can also be anal silicone lube – anal sex lovers of both sexes can enjoy the long-lasting character of this type of lube without worrying that it comes off. After all, you can read about this in silicone lube reviews from happy customers.


As was said, to buy best silicone lube means to pay a bit more than for other lubricants, so also the price range differs:



  • Up to $10;

  • $10 - $20;

  • $20 - $30;

  • $30 - $50.
  • If you want to be very sure that your lubricant made of silicone will endure long sex, it is a wise idea to buy one of the more expensive ones. If you shop for silicone vaginal lubricant for your girlfriend, it is far better than water-based since it does not irritate vagina or skin at all, so everything will be safe, also when you decide to use a condom. Just do not forget that silicone lubricants are difficult to wash off.


    How to choose the best silicone lube?


    Once you have decided on buying silicone gel lubricant instead of other types of lubes, it is time to think about certain aspects to make a best buying decision. For example, one of the important guiding questions is: what type of sex is it going to be used for most often? If you want to buy it as silicone lubricant for women, remember it is hard to wash it off, so maybe it is not so good for daily use. On the other hand, it works very well with condoms. When it comes to anal sex, it might be the best form of lubricant since it is thick and lasts long in the anal hole and on the penis. It cannot also dry out since it is not water based. If you want a lubricant for playing with sex toys, remember it is not advisable to use silicone type of lube with silicone toys, to either change lube or buy different sex toys – otherwise, the playing might not be that pleasurable.


    Other things to consider is price since these types of lubricants can get pretty pricey. Also, think about whether you want to travel with it – in that case, shop for bottles up to 100ml to be safe for plane travel. In other cases, you can shop for big bottles. You can also find perfumed lubes if you would like to smell a specific fruit or flower.


    How to use?


    Usage of silicone gel lubricant is easy to follow. Most of the times there will be instructions on the bottle, but generally, it says following. With normal sex, put a small amount of lube on the penis and in a vagina, give it a trial run and add more if necessary. Start small. With anal sex, the procedure will be the same. Just make sure your skin does not react to the lube, if yes, stop using it and wash it off your skin. If you are using the lube for sex toys time, use more of it since sex toys are usually not lubricated by themselves.


    Storage instructions should be diligently followed if you want your lube bottle to endure a long time. Just make sure not to leave it in direct sunlight or in the room with higher than room temperature. Also, always make sure it is well closed since it can spill during your travels and cause you big problems with it. Be sure to wash the lube off your skin after every usage. It is very safe for your skin, but it is always advisable to rinse off foreign substances off your skin. Otherwise just enjoy yourself with this high-quality product.