How to bet at a betting shop?


Live betthai is a game in real time. The player bets on the events taking place right now. Quotes in the course of the meeting are constantly changing and depend on the situation on the playing field. The task of the bettor is to assess the probability of a particular outcome and make a profitable bet. In most cases, bets are placed while watching the match on TV, online or at the stadium.

Live bets are different from regular home betting with Parimatch bookmaker. The odds change a lot faster here - you have to make a serious effort to follow the dynamics. In such situations any help from the outside is useful - if you are watching a match commented by professionals, it is worth listening to the opinion of experts.

Authoritative information is particularly useful when watching tennis and boxing matches. Individual sports are easier to analyze if you know the inner workings of these disciplines. By small details, a pro can see the signs of a player's fatigue or lack of motivation.

Live Sports Overview

At Parimatch there is always a wide range of live bets on a variety of events from the world of sports. Many games are accompanied by a video broadcast - it is only available to registered users. Picture quality is good, failures are very rare.

Among the major disciplines available for live betting:

  • Soccer
  • Tennis (large and table tennis)
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Cybersport

Changes in odds are presented traditionally for most offices - green arrow means that the quotes went up, red - that they went down. Events can be filtered, added to favorites.